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Yes, iron tablets may cause you to have black stools.

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2015-05-29 02:04:45
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Q: Can iron tablets cause you to have black stools?
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What does it mean if you pass black stool?

if your stool is black then there is alot of iron in your system. those who take iron tablets, their stools are black.

Do iron tablets cause black stool?

yes it does

Is there something wrong with you if your poop is black?

Are you taking iron tablets or vitamins that have iron in them? Iron will make stools black, and it is nothing to worry about.If you are not taking iron supplements and you feel unwell and the black stools are foul smelling, it is called melina, and is a sign that you are bleeding high up in your bowel. You will need to see a doctor about it.

Why does your 2 year old have black stools?

One reason may be that they are taking a multivitamin with Iron, or a formula of milk with Iron. Iron will cause black stools. Or it could be what is called occult blood, which is unlikely, but can be easily checked by your doctor testing a stool sample

What cause white stool discoloration?

Iron pills will make your stools very dark in color, almost black.

Do Iron pills cause Black stools?

People taking iron supplements tend to have dark or black stools. Some regard this as a sign that the iron is being absorbed in the body. If the stool does not darken, it may mean that the iron supplement is not working and the brand of pills may have to be changed or the situation may have to be discussed with a pharmacist or doctor.

Does taking iron make stools black?

Yes, quite often.

Can you end a pregnancy after taking two iron tablets from the contraceptive pill after eleven hours after sex?

Birth control pills and/or iron tablets do not cause abortion.

Due to the timing, t?

Due to the timing, the change in stool color is most likely due to the iron supplement. However, recent NSAID use and anemia may herald something more serious such as gastrointestinal bleeding, which can also cause black stools (see my original answer above for more details); even if your black stools are from the iron alone, the anemia should be further evaluated.

What does it mean if you have black stools and rectal pain?

Black stools often mean there is internal bleeding. Of course, certain foods like dark chocolate can darken the stools, and so can iron supplements. Internal bleeding can be caused from cancer, hemorrhoids, ulcers, ingested foreign objects, and even rough anal sex. By all means, you should get an exam from a doctor unless you know that the cause is related to diet.

When your poop comes out black?

Did you recently start taking iron supplements? this can cause black/dark stools. Also it could be an upper gastrointestinal bleed in which case you need to be evaluated by your doctor. Go have a stool specimen done to be on the safe side.

Why iron tablets were not hard and didnot look like iron at allwhat tablets contained?

the tablets contained the compounds of iron due to which the entire properties of iron transformed.

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