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Artificial tears are only intended to be used in the eyes. Drug tests have no relation with any eye condition so this would have no effect at all on their results. MJ stays in your system for 30 days. Drinking large quantities of vinegar although disgusting can help detoxify your system and provide a clean test.

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Q: Can i use Artificial tears to pass marijuana drugtest?
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Does jwh-018 have THC in it?

can i smoke jwh in pass my drugtest

Can you get a shotgun of weed and pass a drugtest?

Yes, if you bring a shotgun to your drug test they'll know it.

How can i do to past the drugtest if I'll take marijuana last night?

Other than sneaking in "clean" urine, there is nothing you can do at this point to pass the test. If you attempt to consume a large quantity of water you will merely dilute your urine and the testing facility will know it's diluted.

You are A habitual marijuana user how do you pass a drug test within 3 days using water?

Drink loads of water prior to your drugtest, chuck in on Vitamin B and hope that you pass. Vitamin B will make your urine look yellow in order to avoid suspicion of cheating. You can read more about this on NORML's site, here's a link:

Marijuana can help you pass a santardised test?


What should I do to pass my urine and blood test for drug Marijuana detection?

Don't use marijuana.

If you smoke marijuana on a regular basis and have been clean for four days will you pass a mouth swab test for probation?

I'm afraid not. If you do smoke on a regular basis and then stop, it will take about a month for the THC to get out of your system. If you do it rarely it will probably take like a week. No. Because it takes the human body about a month to remove THC from the system (since it is removed in ever-decreasing amounts), monthly tests will catch someone who uses marijuana. If used on a regular basis the level of THC will be even more noticeable. The only surefire way to pass a drugtest is to not take drugs.

How do you pass a marijuana test?

Don't smoke weed...

Does alcohal help pass marijuana test?

no, that is rediculous.

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How can you pass a swab drug test on marijuana?

You can't.

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