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no that's discussing

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Q: Can i take my wife's temperature rectally?
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How to take a unconscious patients temperature?


When can you take temperature after having coffee?

Immediately, as long as you take it rectally.

How do you take a pet's temperature?

Animal temperatures are taken rectally.

What is the best way to take a temperature if a patient has hypothermia?

taking it rectally

Can you take Ambien rectally?

No and there is no valid reason to.

What is best way to take child's temperature?

Probably a thermometer or if you dont have one feel how hot their forehead is with your hand

Should an infants temperature be taken anally?

Only take an infant's temperature rectally if a doctor or trusted care provider instructs it. Otherwise, the most accurate reading comes from under a baby's armpit.

Where can one find a guide on taking a baby's temperature rectally?

One can find a guide on taking a baby's temperature rectally by visiting the Children's Hospital Boston website. One can also find further information on this topic by visiting the Baby Center website.

Can you measure a dogs temperature in their mouth?

It is possible to take a dog's temperature with a human thermometer. However, it is easier to take a dog's temperature rectally because they cannot bite or swallow the thermometer.

Can you take Vicodin in the rectum?

Unless you have it in suppository form (designed to be taken rectally) you cannot use pill formed Paracetamol (Acetaminophen/Tylenol) rectally.

How much of brake fluid can a person take?

About 2 gallons rectally.

Can sinusitis be treated with a decongestant and still have a colonoscopy that day?

Yes if you take it rectally.