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You can file a slander lawsuit over anything you want. That is what is so great about our legal system. In fact, it is more efficient if you file 5-10 lawsuits at the same time. That way you can maximize your trips to the courthouse.

In addition to the idiotic "girlfriends ex says I'm a criminal" lawsuit it would be fun to try these:

1. My neighbor looks at me funny

2. Walmart was out of chewing tobacco so I had to pay double at the Circle-K.

3. This guy on the internets was making fun of my question.

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Q: Can i file a slander lawsuit if girlfriends ex husband says i have a criminal report when i don't?
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How much jail time will a first time offender get for slander?

None. Slander is normally a civil tort, not a criminal act.

Can you file a 1 dollar slander lawsuit in a small claims court?

You are not allowed to file a lawsuit for slander in a Small Claims Court. For damages and debt though, you could sue for $1, at least in theory you can.

How far can i go with a lawsuit against the city of Irving Texas and the state of Kentucky I was arrested on allegations of rape and sodomy Case dismissed but there was slander and discrimination?

If the criminal charges of rape and sodomy were subsequently dismissed (BUT, you don't say if it was dismissed WITH or WITHOUT prejudice!) I would say that you have no cause of action on the disposition of the criminal charges. However allegations of slander and discrimination are CIVIL chargesand are separate and apart from the criminal action. Contact a good civil attorney for advice.

What does freedom of speech not protect people from?

Slander, libel, and incitation to criminal acts.

Can i sue for slander?

yes, but why would you do that unless you might win? As with any lawsuit, you have the burden of proving the facts necessary to show the defendant slandered you and that it caused you some sort of damage. Because slander is oral, you will need witnesses or a recording of what was said.

Can you file a lawsuit against a teacher for talking about you as a parent in your child's school in the teacher's lounge and the hallway?

You may be able to file a slander lawsuit against a teacher if she was talking about you in public. You would need to contact an attorney in your area.

What is the the difference between gossip slander and hypocrisy?

gossip is the spreading of social information that is unimportant enough not to be considered political or criminal. Slander is saying things that could be damaging to such a degree that the law could intervene and lay criminal charges. The slander somebody via the written word is called libel. hypocrisy is saying one thing and doing the opposite. Christ had a lot to say about hypocrites.

How do you contact facebook to report a case of slander?

No. Slander is a civil offense, not a criminal offense. The police would not take action in a civil complaint.

Is defamation a crime?

Yes, it can be if it rises to the level of criminal intent or tortious conduct (i.e.: libel or slander) on the part of the defamer.

What is the difference between libel and slander?

The difference between slander and libel is that slander is the spoken word, whereas libel is a written word i.e. newspaper, anything in the public domain. libel can be a criminal offense as well as civil rights to civil liability while slander is a mere civil offense. libel is permanent in form while slander is temporary in form. in slander damages must be proved

Can you get legal aid for slander?

Not really. Legal aid provides assistance for criminal charges. Slander is a civil matter.Added: If you are asking about FREE legal aid (i.e.: a Public Defender), no, Slander is a civil offense and public defenders only defend indigents involved in criminal law matters. If by "legal aid" you mean "free" legal advice - No. This is a civil matter, not a criminal matter.But you can certainly hire an Attorney and sue for slander. If they feel you have a good case, they may consider taking it on as a contingency fee basis. You will have to prove that this slander ruined your reputation or standing in the community. Unless it was broadcast over the air (TV or radio), you may have a tough time proving it, in which case it is doubtful you will recover even the costs - let alone get the justice you seek.

What is the criminal act of printing lies about other people?