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No, you will not die if you rolled on your face in the pillow. You can change your sleeping habits by not using a pillow at all or using a very small pillow.

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Q: Can i die if i fall asleep rolled on my face down to the pillow i suffocate sometimes not knowing how i got out of it do i need help?
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Why do you stain your pillow?

you sweat, drool, and sometimes cry while you're asleep.

What does rain and a pillow have in common?

Both rain and a pillow fall when you drop them, the susceptibility to gravity is something that almost all things have in common, though. Rain falls and a pillow is for falling asleep.

What is the difference between a pillow case and a pillow sham?

The Pillow and The ShamThe pillow case is a sort of slip cover for your pillow. Its purpose is to absorb oils and perspiration, and to grant protection for your face while you are asleep. Pillow shams are similar, but they are decorative, and not intended for use while sleeping. You can use it while sleeping, but usually pillow cases are made of less expensive materials, and pillow shams are made from more expensive materials that you might not want to drool on.

How long does it take people to get to sleep?

Well, many people fall asleep the minute head hits pillow, others may take one hour or more to fall asleep.

What is used as a cowboy's headrest at night?

The pillow on the head of the rocking chair that he fell asleep in. :) not being mean I live in Texas

Why is the Cpap pillow so highly reccommended?

The Cpap pillow helps one sleep in a better position to open up their airways for better breathing while asleep. Because sleep apnea is a dangerous condition doctors recomend the pillow to open the airway of sufferers.

How can I get asleep if I don't want to sleep?

Reed a book before falling asleep, take a shower before going to bed. Make your bed and your pillow be cold. I can not sleep When I am hot. I hope this will help. 😉

What does it mean when you salivate when asleep?

Some people may have more saliva than others (some have dry mouth sometimes caused by sinus or certain meds) and in the case of people with more saliva they "drool" and may even wet their pillow. It's normal.

What does there is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience?

It means you can sleep easily at night knowing you have a clear conscience.

How do you use smother in a sentence?

Smothered means to suffocate, or to derive from oxygen, or to be extinguished. A use of it would be like ("The facts tell that Timmy smothered Helga with a pillow" Inspector Winters said.)

Is the tooth fairy your parent?

Yes. Would you rather believe a stranger came into your bedroom while you were asleep and rummaged around under your pillow?

Single versus double pillow top matress?

Single pillow top mattress has one layer of cushioning layer. Double pillow top mattress has two cushioning layers. Sometimes you can buy removable pillow top layers which are simple to put on and off.