Can humans get twisted stomach

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes! I have got this condition along with para-esophageal hernia and waiting for the prognosis. :(

I jsut got diagnosed with having a twisted xtomach along with Hialital hernia, now I am worried what they are going to do aobut it. I am 71 and concerned.

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Q: Can humans get twisted stomach
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What are the symptoms of twisted gut in sheep?

I have never heard of a twisted gut, but I have heard of a twisted stomach. A twisted stomach occurs because of dietary problems.

Your dog has a swollen stomach but is spayed what you wrong?

There are many reasons why your dog could have stomach swelling. Your dog could have a twisted stomach for example.

What is a twisted stomach in cows?

Cows have 4 stomachs. It's the abomasum, near the bottom of the cow and is the true stomach. It can become filled with gas and floats up causing the digestive mechanisms to quit working properly. This condition is called a "twisted stomach".

What is twisted stomach disease in dogs that eat to fast?

This is sometimes referred to as "bloat", though the more appropriate term for a twisted stomach is gastric volvulus. This can sometimes occur, especially in dogs with deep chests, even without eating too fast. In either case, a twisted, bloated stomach is a life-threatening emergency and treatment should be immediate.

Why are there Visible twisted veins on my stomach?

You should get your liver checked and drink less!

How does Marley die in the book?

I do know he dies in the movie of a twisted stomach, but in the book I'm not sure

How many stomach does a boy have?

All humans have one (1) stomach.

Why do humans have acids in their stomach?

to digest food

Is a belly a humans stomach or a cows?


What Stomach is most like a humans?


Is a dog's stomach the same size as a humans?


Do grasshoppers have ears on their stomach?

for humans its on the sides of the head but for crickets its in their legs and for the grasshoppers its in their stomach!!!