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Yes, hernia can cause the lungs to fill with the fluid. Hernia is when the intra-abdominal contents of the upper abdomen protrude into the mediastinum or chest. If the contents are large enough, it can press on adjacent organs, i.e. heart and lungs, and create difficulties breathing or increasing activities.

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Q: Can hernia cause lungs to fill with fluid?
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it can if you fill your lungs with it

What is the Classifications of pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a bacterial or viral infection of the lungs. The lungs begin to fill with fluid causing difficulty breathing and high fever.

What causes fluid around the lungs?

Abnormal fluid collection in the lungs can be caused by lung infections or heart problems. The biggest problem with it is that it causes shortness of breath that can lead to respiratory arrest.

What parts of the body get inflamed and filled with fluid when a patient has pneumonia?

The lungs fill with fluid, and patient usually runs a temperature, and feels chills, then sweats.

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What portion of the heart when weakened by a heart attack is responsible for causing fluid to back up in and fill the lung tissue?

When the left ventricle fails, fluid backs up in the lungs. In turn, pressure from excess fluid can damage the heart's right side as it works to pump blood into the lungs.

What causes water to fill around the lungs?

Increased pressure within the vascular system is the usual cause. This is caused usually by three things (one at a time or all combined): too much fluid, too few intravascular particles, too little heart function.All three cause too much pressure within the circulatory system and the fluid within the vessels is then 'pushed out' into the extavascular space. This space is within the lungs or within other tissues in the body. You get wet lungs or swollen extremities.

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do you mean fills with air? if so then its the lungs

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