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it's bad for the liver, spleen lungs and kidneys and will eventually kill

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Q: Can graphite kill you if it gets into your blood stream?
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Can you get ink poisoning from tattooing with pen ink?

yes if it gets into your blood stream it is likely to poison you, and sometimes kill you

Does the stinger stay in your foot when you get stung by a Yellow Jacket?

yes, and u better get it out before it gets into your blood stream-that is bad bcuz it can kill u by poisoning ur blood.. there is NO cure

Can you die from blood poisoning?

Technically blood can't kill, but if it is laced with cyanide or anyother type of posin it can be fatal. But it also depends if the blood gets into your blood stream and if it can mix with yours. so.............yea blood can kill

Can salt kill you by injecting it in your blood stream?

it depends were u inject it at

What poison can kill a person the fastest?

Through the Blood Stream

What actors and actresses appeared in Gets in Your Blood and Can Kill You - 2003?

The cast of Gets in Your Blood and Can Kill You - 2003 includes: Brian Lee Bennett as The Man

How to get first blood in black ops?

To get, "First Blood" in Black Ops, you have to kill someone before anyone else gets the first kill.

Air forced in blood stream how long till you die?

It depends with the type of air that is forced in the blood stream. Oxygen will have no effect where as carbon monoxide will kill the person in less than 1 hour.

How can the sun harm us?

the UV rays from the sun kill cells called melanomic cells which can become melanoma and get into your blood stream and can kill you

Why might immunisation not always work?

coz your white blood cells might not be able to kill the part of the disease that enters your blood stream

How does eubacteria respond to stimuli?

it combinds to make a big old cell then goes into the blood stream to kill the host

Will air in vaccinations kill you?

If there is an air bubble in a liquid that is injected into your blood stream it is possible it will kill you. When this air bubble reaches your brain or heart problems can occur.