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Only if its strong, if its dilute like in water or toothpaste it won't unless you have an allergic reaction

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Q: Can fluoride burn throat if swallow?
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What if you swallow ash?

Your throat will burn up.

Is toothpaste poison?

Yes, because toothpaste contains fluoride which is poison to the human body. (If you swallow a big amount of toothpaste or drinks that include fluoride go to a doctor, if you swallow a little bit of fluoride you will be fine).

Why can't you swallow down the right side of my throat?

you need to reword your question you said "Why cant YOU swallow down the right side of MY throat? well no one can swallow down YOUR throat.

Your throat hurts to swallow and talk?

my throat hurt everytime i talk and swallow everytime i try to bearth in or out.

What happens if you burn a fluoride?

Fluorides don't normally burn.

Is fluoride present colgate safe?

Yes as long as you don't swallow it.

How would you use 'swallow' in a sentence?

An example sentence with 'swallow': I couldn't swallow my cereal as I had a sore throat.

If theres something in my throat will i be able to swallow other foods?

If there is something stuck in your throat that is causing a blockage in the esophagus, you will not be able to swallow other foods.

What happens if you swallow lye?

You can get chemical burns along your throat and stomach if you swallow lye.

Why does lemon water burn my throat?

Lemon water shouldn’t normally burn the throat. You may have a sore throat. Another idea is that you might be allergic to lemon, if lemon normally doesn’t burn your throat.

Why should one seek emergency medical attention if they accidentally swallow fluoride toothpaste?

One should seek emergency medical attention if they accidentally swallow fluoride toothpaste because in concentrated amounts, fluoride may cause severe stomach problems. Other symptoms of fluoride poisonig are diarrhea, convulsions and slow heart rate.

Should it hurt to swallow?

No, you might have a throat infection.