Can feces kill you

Updated: 9/24/2023
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An accumulation in the body without passing it can make one ill. When its outside the body it contains bacteria which can cause infections if you come in to contact with raw sewage

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Q: Can feces kill you
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Will eating feces kill you?

It won't kill you but it's not healthy. I would only eat feces if I was in the desert stranded with no food. So, no. Eating feces won't kill you but you can get extremely sick and it's not healthy for you. I believe it doesn't taste very good either... :/

Does cat feces and urine kill your grass?

Yes, cat feces and urine can harm your grass due to the high nitrogen content in cat urine that can burn the grass. The feces can also contain harmful bacteria that can negatively affect the grass. It's best to clean up after your cat promptly to prevent damage to your lawn.

Can a guinea pigs feces kill a human?

Sure y not

If you puree feces and boil it is it then safe to eat or drink?

No feces is never safe to eat you can never kill all the types of bacteria and germs in there

Do cats poop help plants?

Cat feces will not kill plants. Actually, a small amount of feces around your plants will make a good fertilizer for the plant.

What are some bad things you do to heart horses?

kill them with a giant fillet knife and eat their feces....

A black thing came out of my turtle?

then kill it because the black thing has a deadly disease that can kill you

Is it feces or feces?

Feces is correct in America. Faeces is correct in International English.

What happens if your kid eats duck feces?

You should seek medical advice immediately. Ingesting duck feces can lead to bacterial infections and potential exposure to harmful microorganisms that could cause gastrointestinal issues. It is important to monitor your child for any symptoms and act promptly to prevent any complications.

What kind of bug that is brown beetle looking and a quarter of an inch long and smells like feces when you kill it?

No..... your shoe will stink bad for the rest of the day

Why did your whole family turn into feces?

Because your feces has magical powers that turns anything it touches to feces, and one day your family thought your feces was cookies, ate it, and then they turned into feces! TADAA!

Does feces stink?

Yes feces does stink.