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Feces has bacteria that could cause an infection in the cut.

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Q: Can feces coming in contact with a small cut affect you?
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When was Small Feces created?

Small Feces was created in 2005-04.

How small is ants feces?

really really small

How does bleeding affect colour of feces?

It all depends where the bleeding occurs. If the bleeding is in the stomach or small intestine, the blood will likely be clotted by the time it reaches the anus, and that will make the feces dark in color and tarry in consistency.If the bleeding is in the rectum or anus, then you will see fresh blood on what is otherwise normal feces.

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Feces comes out through the anus. The anus has nothing to do with the buttocks.

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As a matter a fact, yes i do

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No they are small and don't move because they are frozen

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small droppings about 3-5 millimetres

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Due to the size of the dog quite small

What animal has small round black droppings?

Many animals leave small round droppings of feces. Rabbits, deer, goats, chinchillas and most types of bugs leave feces fitting this description.

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Its due to teh waste food, mucus and bacteria

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small ones that fit in their mandibles.