Can eubacteria make you sick

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, eubacteria can make you very sick. Salmonella is the worst type of sickness that a person can get from eubacteria.

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Q: Can eubacteria make you sick
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What are the uses of eubacteria?

Eubacteria make yogurt, which is good, but it can also make you sick.

does eubacteria make its own food?

Eubacteria can make its own food, also known as being autotrophic.

What two kingdoms do bacteria make up?


Do eubacteria make energy?

Eubacteria are many and diverse. Some of them can photosynthesise, others take in food from the outside. In a physical sense nothing can 'make' energy, it can only be changed in form.

Do Eubacteria have Nutrition?

Eubacteria are characterized by a lack of nucleus. Some get their energy from light and are known as photoheterotrophs. Others get their energy from chemicals and are called chemoheterotrophs.

Is eubacteria autotrophic or hereotrophic?

Its heterotropic it cant make its own food.

Are eubacteria eukaryotes?

No, eubacteria are prokaryotes.

What are the kinds of eubacteria?

what are some kinds of eubacteria

Does eubacteria have a nucleus?

Nope and archeabacteria doesn't either.No, the cells of a Eubacteria do not have a nucleus.

Which group makes up the largest kingdom of prokaryotes?

Kingdom Monera

Is eubacteria eukaryote?

No in fact eubacteria is prokaryotic.

Is salmonella eubacteria?

Yes, salmonella is caused by eubacteria.