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Probably since eating too much of anything can cause problems in the stomach. It is designed to take in a moderate amount of any food, junk food is worse to overdose on however.

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Q: Can eating too many clementines cause stomach problems?
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Can not eating cause stomach upset?

Yes like eating too much it can upset your stomach by not eating as your stomach produces stomach acid ready to digest a meal if there is no food then this can cause problems as bloating constipation and heart burn from the build up of stomach acid

Does ice shrink your stomach?

since eating alot of ice i notice my stomach has got bigger

Does j stomach cause pain after eating?


Can feeding cows whole corn cause stomach problems?

Cows actually enjoy eating whole corn , however eating whole corn can cause problems as they can not digest it properly. Cows should be given ground corn so that they can digest it properly and retain the maximum nutritional benefits.Ê

The trick to the awareness diet?

Finding out what you are eating and how you are eating it can cause you become better with your digestive health and other concerns in your stomach. Indigestion and other gas problems are often caused by food allergies and overeating, but changing your eating habits to be more aware of what is going on in the stomach can help get rid of these symptoms. For example, stress, overeating, and eating too much can all cause problems with it. Sight and smell is also important in eating, and savoring food can actually be good for your digestive health. This is a new diet that most people are unfamiliar with.

What raw vegetable will cause stomach discomfort after eating?

potatoes cause stomach ache if you eat them raw..... trust me! i found out!

Will eating foods with seeds cause the stomach to clog up?


What problem Will eating dirt cause?

can gasoline dirt cause problems

Are cattails good for horses?

No, it can cause stomach problems and diherrea

What health problems can large amountS of crisps EATING cause?

hearing problems

Does eating tissue paper cause health problems?


Does eating too much cooked rice cause your stomach to swell?

Eating too much of anything causes your stomach to expand to hold it all. Eating raw rice, though, will not cause your stomach to swell and it actually does not harm birds either, who eat raw rice wherever it grows or is farmed.