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No, an orange itself will not help with a bowel movement. Oranges are a good source of nutrients and vitamin C for your body. Though, fibre and Orange Juice will increase your chances of a good bowel movement.

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Yes, fruits and vegetables contain fiber, which is necessary for proper colon health.

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Q: Can eating oranges help keep your colon clean?
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Is a colon and body cleanse beneficial?

The colon and body is only needed for those who have bad eating habits. Thus it would not help you in the slightest.

Does eating an orange help stay awake?

Oranges contain healthy fruit sugar, which may help you stay more alert.

Are there any home remedies for colon cleaning?

You can increase your intake of fruits and vegetables to help clean out your colon. Additionally, increasing your daily intake of water can have the same effect.

What are the benefits of using colon cleansers?

Colon cleansers help the body to clean out the system, and feel refreshed. These prevent diseases and ways to get sick. Colon cleansers are normally used on individuals older than 50.

What is a good colon cleaning supplement?

Try some herbs and natural home remedies to help clean your colon. A great starting point is and it also provides some review for colon cleansing products.

i've had 2 colonoscopies @ can never be compeely cleansed out thourougly, what can i take over the counter 4 my next procedure?

You can get a colon cleaser at your local health food store that will help you clean your colon.

Does Metamucil clean out your system?

The fiber will help cleanse your colon, yes. But if you are asking if Metamucil will "clean out your system" for a drug test, then the answer is no. If this is a question about marijuana use, see the Related Question below.

Do metamucil capsules really work?

Metamucil capsules do really work on most people. They are fiber capsules and can clean out your colon and help keep things working.

What are the benefits of eating an apple?

help with wrinkles, clean teeth, help with hair growth, protect the brain from damage that causes Alzheimer and Parkinsonism

What is the relationship between whole grain bread and blood pressure?

Whole grain bread is a healthy complex carbohydrate that can aid in lowering blood pressure. Whole grains help clean out the colon and keep the bloodstream clean.

What affect do opossums have on nature?

they help keep a clean and healthy environment by eating garden pests and unwanted rodents.

What are some ways to prevent colon cancer?

Ways that you can help to prevent colon cancer are exercising, eating right and not smoking. Know your family history and see a doctor to make sure that everything is working as it should.