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rectal bleeding can be a complication of diverticular disease.

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Q: Can diverticulitis cause anus bleeding
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Do you have cancer if im bleeding out your anus and vagina at the same time?

You need urgent investigation to find the cause of bleeding. Inflammatory bowel disease, endometriosis, coagulation disorders and cancer may be the cause of bleeding.

Bleeding from your anus?


What are the symptoms of hemroids?

The common symptoms of Hemorrhoids are small lumps or swelling in the anus or rectum. These lumps can cause pain or bleeding and are categorized into internal, external, or bleeding Hemorrhoids.

Can a ruptured appendix or gallbladder lead to diverticulitis?

About 25% of all patients with diverticulitis will have some rectal bleeding, although this rarely becomes severe

What should you do if you are bleeding from your anus?

consult your doctor

How much you get paid if your a doctor?

my anus is bleeding

Will drinking alcohol cause bleeding in the anal?

Anal bleeding may be the result of many ailments. But as of now, alcoholism has not established any relation with bleeding in the anal area. You can consult your doctor for constipation and piles.

What happens when your bleeding from the anus?

You go to the emergency room.

Can a kitten's anus bleed after a de worm?

Deworming should not cause bleeding-period. If your kitten is passing blood, you need to take him to the veterinarian for an exam.

Bleeding from anus?

You eat too much spicy curry

Why is it bad to tear your anus?

If you tear the anus, you could have bleeding, itching, and burning pain. You also risk serious infections.

How does bleeding affect colour of feces?

It all depends where the bleeding occurs. If the bleeding is in the stomach or small intestine, the blood will likely be clotted by the time it reaches the anus, and that will make the feces dark in color and tarry in consistency.If the bleeding is in the rectum or anus, then you will see fresh blood on what is otherwise normal feces.