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Q: Can distilled water helps during heavy menses flow?
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Lactic acid fermentation helps make cheese yogurt and also occurs what in cells during heavy exercise?

It oocurs in muscle cells during heavy exercise. :]

What kind of electro light does Gatorade has?

It helps you recover the electros a person loses during a workout or heavy sweating.

Which is a way for the body to conserve water during heavy sweating periods?

The body will take in less water to conserve water during periods of heavy sweating.

How do you wake a heavy sleeper?

pouring a bucket of ice-cold water on him/her always works

What kind of water helps in digestion?

All water helps in digestion. Distilled or purified water will do the job with fewer or no trace elements.

Why is it possible that drinking distilled water can have no ill effect on your intestinal cells?

Distilled water can flush out your body and leave you without any minerals. It actually helps clean out your intestines and colon.

What are the hormones that stimulate menses?

During a normal 28 day cycle you will ovulate on day 14. Day 1 of the cycle being the first day of your period. At this time you have the hormones oestrogen and progesterone present. If the egg is fertilised then these hormones remain at a higher level and menstuation does not happen and the egg implants. If the egg is not fertilised the the oestrogen and progesterone levels fall and menses begins. [Mentruation is a means of shedding an unfertilised egg then preparing for the next egg to implant should it be fertilised during the next cycle]. Hope this helps.

What is a long pad for?

A long pad is more necessary when you sleep. When you sleep, one can turn in many directions without realizing it. So the blood can go to various directions. This is when wearing a long pad helps when you have your menses. Long Pads are much preferred by many women as they have less to worry about during heavyflow as well.

Why are sports drinks recommended to prevent or treat dehydration?

They replace electrolytes lost during heavy activity.

What does monsooned mean?

It is a heavy rain that comes to Asia every summer. This rain helps their crops grow.

When is the best time to do breast exams?

After your period, since some women get breast tenderness and engorgement before their menses. Also best to do it in the shower, warm soapy water helps you feel what is inside.

What is a heavy ball?

a heavy ball is a pokeball that helps you catch heavy Pokemon like onix groudon usaring steelix and some other Pokemon hoped it helped!