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Ha ha ha ha ha. No. It's an occupational hazard of preschoolers and school-aged children.

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Q: Can child protective services be called if a 3-year-old gets head lice three times?
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What are the people called that take away kids from bad parents?

child protective services

What can be done when the mother lies to the child protective services about what she has done to her child and child protective services believe her?

Acquire better evidence and keep making complaints.

Can you refuse to speak with child protective services?

No you can......

How does Child Protective Services decide if a parent is unfit?

Child protective services does no decide if a parent is unfit. A judge will decide that. Child protective services can and will however, help the judge to decide by presenting any evidence they have found that may prove the parent unfit.

What year was the organization Child Protective Services founded?

Child Protective Services were established in all states in 1974. Their precursors include the Children's Bureau, which was established in 1912.

What age can child protective services question your child unsupervised?

At any age.

Can child protective services in one state check on child protective services in the other state that the child lives?

it depends on what state had it brought to their attention if one state is the one that heard about it then yes they have the right to check on the child

What situations do the Texas Child Protective Services investigate?

The Department of Child and Protective Services in Texas will often investigate cases of abuse and neglect involving children. They will investigate the well being and safety of the child.

What are the release dates for Child Protective Services - 2001 TV?

Child Protective Services - 2001 TV was released on: USA: 21 June 2001 (San Diego, California)

Why do you have to meet with child protective services?

it depends on the circumstances and or what the problem is.

Can child protective services step in on minor emancipation?


What is the cps?

Most common acronym-child protective services