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The main function of Carbocisteine is to loosen mucus and help clear sputum. As a result, it could help to somewhat relieve a cough.

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Q: Can carbocisteine relieve cough
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What is carbocisteine?

CARBOCISTEINE is a MUCOLYTIC which can be used to help relieve the symptoms of Chronic Pulmonary Disease,Bronchiectasis. It 'thins out' the mucous and allows the patient to dispel the lung contents more easily.

What are the indications of carbocisteine?

indication of carbocisteine

What is ceron-dm syp cypress pH?

decongestant, antihistamine and cough suppressant to relieve cold, flu and allergies

Classification of carbocisteine?


Does nyquil help relieve menstrual cramps?

Nyquil is for a cough and sore throat not for menstrual cramps.

Can you take Carbocisteine with Warfarin?


Is carbocisteine 500 mg capsule safe for pregnant women?

Carbocisteine should not be used in pregnancy. Instead you can use bromhexine. It is safe in pregnancy.

Is administered to prevent or relieve coughing?

It`s an ANTITUSSIVE. Not antitussiff. And yes, it prevents or relieves cough.

Can you take carbocisteine solmux with cloxacillin sodium?


What is the generic name of carbocisteine?

It's already a generic name.

How are cough drops made?

A cough drop is medicinal tablet designed to deliver active ingredients which suppress or relieve the cough reflex. They are made just like hard candies; ingredients are mixed together, they are cooked, cooled, and packaged. First developed during the eighteenth century, cough drops have become a significant part of the $2 billion cough and cold market.

Eucalyptus oil is used most often to relieve which condition?

Coughing Eucalytpus oil is a common ingredient in commercial cough drops.