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Yep, but it is very very very very rare, indeed!

A the previous replier showed, a black couple can produce a white baby. It is not "albinoism" as in an absense of skin melatonin.

Think about it, if we all come from the same source (whether you're an evolutionist or a creationist you essentially believe this), from the same originating humans, therefore then we all have remnants of the same genetic traits.

It is just that each of us are apt to have sperm/eggs with a much much much higher possibility of certain genetic patterns at the forefront. It's like playing the lottery, virtually everyone who plays will lose, but there's that one in 50 million chance that someone will pick the right pattern and win. In these cases of producing children with traits opposite of the parent, both the mom and dad must to have that latent very low probability genetic patterns laid out just the right way in both the sperm and egg at the same time to make that baby that causes the father to scream.

So, let this be a lesson, men, bite your tongue and get a private genetic test if you have doubt before you go and blame your woman of cheating.

We were taught in school the "probability" of genetic breeding outcomes, but the teachers taught it as fact when it really is only statistic.

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Q: Can black parents have a white baby?
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What is black and white baby called?

A zebra. A child of black and white human parents is mulatto.

Can 2 white people have a black baby?

No, 2 white parents cannot have a black baby because a child's skin color is determined by the combination of genetic traits passed down from their parents. If both parents are white, it is not genetically possible for them to have a black baby.

Who is baby kaely parents?

Black an white

Can white parents give birth to a black baby?


How can you have a black baby?

To have a black baby one of the parents needs to be black. A mixed race couple can have a black baby. It isn't unheard of for a white couple to have a black baby is they have black relatives (parent or grandparent).

What is the chance of two white people having a black baby?

it depends on whether the parents have a black parents to have a black baby both parents must have a black parent to posses the gene to create the black baby, even so, if both parents are white it means that the "black" gene is recessive (doesn't affect there skin colour but still carry the gene), when both parents have this recessive gene it means that there a 1/4 chance of the baby being black I'm not sure if this is the exact chance but in theory it should lie around 1/4

Can two black people have a white baby?

No, it is not biologically possible for two black parents to have a white baby. Skin color is determined by genetics, and the combination of genes from black parents will not produce a child with white skin.

Can caucasians have black children?

If the DADDY is black, yes other than that two WHITE parents can NEVER have a chocolated baby!

How can you tell if your fetus is black or white?

Look at the parents. If you have had sex with a black man and a white man and don't know which is the father you will have to wait until the baby is born

What is a baby cell if she have black mom and white dad?

A baby with a black mom and white dad would have a diverse genetic makeup with traits from both parents. This genetic combination can result in unique physical characteristics such as skin tone, eye color, and hair texture. The baby's appearance will be a blend of both parents' features.

How long after birth does a baby shows which color it will have whites mom or black dad?

If the baby's parents are white and black, the baby may show a mix color. Usually, once they reach childhood from being an infant, the offspring shows which parents' color they will favor, or possibly show both.

What will a black and a ruby eyed white gerbil produce?

Well, it depens what color the parents are and well if the black gerbil has black parents and if the ruby eyed white gerbils parents are white there babies will probably produce white and black babies.