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Q: Can baygon spray be harmful to human?
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Can baygon spray be harmful to human or human eyes?

It's an insecticide so.... YES

Will baygon cockroach killer kill human beings?

Some products in an insectiCIDE killer contains MORE HAZARDOUS and DANGEROUS to human beings. Now baygon is for Insecticide and pesticide, and baygon cant kill human beings but can HARM human beings.. because baygon is safe to use but dangerous to use for chirldren.. when using it, make sure that the place isnt often visited by people,

When was Baygon created?

Baygon was created in 1975.

Does Baygon have DEET?

Produced by S.C. Johnson & Son, Baygon is an insecticide that is used to kill various pests, such as ants, silverfish, and crickets. None of the Baygon products contains the DEET ingredient.

Will a rabbit die if you spray disinffected spray?

It depends what you use for a disinfectant spray. Some are not harmful as long as the rabbit does not inhale the fumes when you spray.

What is in baygon that can kill mosquito?

putang ina!

Is spray paint harmful to cat or animals?


How do you use sildenafil spray?

That last posy is totally incorrect. The spray is not harmful if used according to instructions. If it says 4 pumps, do 4 pumps.

What brands of spray tanner is good but affordable?

Spray tans can be a great alternative to the harmful sun rays. Sunjunkie is the leading tanning spray.

What level does baygon evolve?

at lvl 30 then 50

Why it is harmful to spray insecticides in home and an fruits and vegetable?


Why is spray can is harmful for ozone layer?

Spray cans contain CFC's. These are artificial compounds which deplete ozone in ozone layer.