Can anything cure a hangover

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Consumption of alcohol will cure a hangover.

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Q: Can anything cure a hangover
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Where can one learn how to cure a hangover?

Wikihow provides steps about how you are able to cure a hangover. The NHS website also provides information about how to reduce and cure hangover symptoms.

Does an iv really cure a hangover?

Not really, no. Its more of a placebo/cool Guy routine than anything else.

Is coconut water good for hang over?

It is good for you but it will not cure a hangover (any more than any other "hangover cure" will).

Can Advil cure a hangover?

IV hydration therapy is the only and the best method to release a hangover. Does IV really helps in releasing the hangover and how does it worklet’s find out.

What can you do to cure your Halloween hangover?

Sleep Sleep Sleep :)

Why is menudo so popular?

it's a cure for a hangover!

Does McDonald's food cure a hangover?

No, are you an idiot? Where do you get this logic?

Good for a hangover milk weed thisle?

More alcohol will cure the hangover.. say a half of a beer.

What are the release dates for For the Win - 2011 How to Cure a Hangover 1-23?

For the Win - 2011 How to Cure a Hangover 1-23 was released on: USA: 26 July 2011

Does taking cocaine while drinking cure your hangover?

NO Do you need to ask such a stupid question?? I dont know the answer but whatever it is do not try it!!! To cure a hangover you need to have a pint of water after you have been drinking

What are the best rated hangover cures?

There are many cures for a hangover. The best cure is to drink a lot of water, as it will rehydrate your body. The next best cure is to take a long nap and try to sleep it off.

Is it bad to take aspirin with coffee?

No,Aspirin with Coffee is the best cure for a hangover.

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