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yes,i find the spot in line with your nose just about where your hair line starts makes me sneeze and i dont know why but at a guess i would think it was a nerve connection.

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Q: Can anyone else make themselves sneeze by scratching their head in a certain spot?
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Are people remembering you when you sneeze?

Not unless they want to keep track of it for a certain amount of time. I don't know anyone that does.

A rhyme denotes what happens when you sneeze on certain days of the week what happens on Tuesday?

If you sneeze on a Tuesday, you will kiss a stranger. The whole rhyme goes: If you sneeze on Monday, you sneeze for danger; Sneeze on a Tuesday, kiss a stranger; Sneeze on a Wednesday, sneeze for a letter; Sneeze on a Thursday, something better; Sneeze on a Friday, sneeze for sorrow; Sneeze on a Saturday, see your sweetheart to-morrow.

Is it common to always sneeze at a certain time every day?


Is it disrespectful to sneeze on a co worker?

It is disrespectful to sneeze on anyone. However, since sneezes can happen very abruptly and uncontrollably, you could sneeze on someone by accident, and accidents are not taken as a sign of disrespect since you did not do it intentionally.

Why do men sneeze louder than women?

Because women are more self conscious about themselves

What do you do if you are about to sneeze?

I turn my head away from anyone and cover my mouth. Do not pinch your nostrils shut or try to hold back a sneeze, that can cause too much pressure in your airways and head.

What happens if you sneeze while getting electrocuted?

You'll be dead before anyone says "Bless you".

In response to a sneeze dad used to say scat cat get out of the buttermilk Has anyone else heard this phrase or know what it means?

My Granny used to say "Scat!" for a small sneeze, "Scat cat!" for a medium sneeze, and "Scat, cat, your tail's on fire!" for a big sneeze. I don't know the origin, but I think it's a Southern thing.

Why does your Maltese-shih-tzu sneeze?

Short nose breeds tend to get hair that gets into the nostrils which causes them to sneeze. But you maltese X shih tzu could have certain allergies or maybe even the flu.

How can you avoid spreading communicable diseases?

hmmmm..... maybe you should try to keep your breath clean and not cough or sneeze on anyone

Why is a sneeze called a sneeze?

Because when you sneeze the sound you make is "SNEEZE!" ^No, it really isn't. I've not heard one person say "SNEEZE" when they sneeze, ever in my life. I've heard people say "Achoo", "Atishoo" and other ones, but never "SNEEZE".

What is the function of a sneeze?

Sneezing helps our body get rid of potential irritants such as dust and pollen. When you feel a tickle in your nostrils, the nose sends a message to the brain. The brain informs certain muscles of your body to get rid of the irritants through the sneeze.