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Q: Can an old woman give a young man worms?
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A man can give to a man and a woman but a woman cannot give to a man nor a woman?

Yes, this is true if the man is having sexual intercourse with the gender it can give to. Of course the woman cannot give for she has nothing to be given to any gender.

How do you use seduce in a sentence?

"The woman seduced the young man." "The man seduced the young woman."

When dogs have worms and humans catch it can it kill the human?

No a man or woman can not get worms from a dog. If you dog gets worm tell your vet.

Was Malcolm young born a woman?

no of cause not he was born a man and is a man

How do you give the golden vase to the woman?

you dont you give it to the man

How can a man give his woman sexual satisfaction?

Ask your woman, and be patient.

How do I give myself orgasms?

Man or woman?

Does the man give the woman the last name or does she?

the woman takes the mans surname

A little man wants a young woman to discover his name?


What age difference makes a man too young for a woman?


In Australia who keeps the engagement ring when the engagement breaks up?

Unless it is a family heirloom then the young woman can keep the engagement ring as it was a gift to her of the young man's pledge of love. A man who has given an engagement ring to his girlfriend and either one breaks up then a man should not give that engagement ring to another woman that may come into his life. Women would not want some other woman's engagement ring. If he still owes money on the ring then it is entirely up to you as to whether you wish to give it back to him or not.

What did god give to the first man?

First woman