Can an empty stomach make you throw up?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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You will probably not throw up if your stomach is empty. Sometimes when you have the flu, you can vomit up stomach acids just because you're ill, but if you are otherwise healthy and don't have any flu symptoms, you will not throw up with an empty stomach.

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Q: Can an empty stomach make you throw up?
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If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach why will you throw it up immediately?

Because you caught your stomach off guard.

Do you have acids in your body?

Yes, you have stomach acid in your stomach. When you throw up and your stomach is empty, then you throw up this bad-tasting yellow liquid : that is stomach acid. There are also amino acids in your enzymes located in the cell. (: Hope this helped !

Why would you throw up Bile?

That just means that your stomach is empty but your body is still vomiting.

If extasy is in your system for an hour and you throw it up does it all come back up?

Unfortuantley when the pill is taken depending on if you have an empty stomach it will genrally take about an hour to absorb through your stomach lining into bloodstream. So if your lucky you might throw up some of it, but chances are it would of already been absorbed

What might make a person throw up?

eat something your stomach don't agree with.

When you throw up do you throw up only the content of what in your stomach?

Usually it is only what is in the stomach (food, liquid, gastric juice / stomach acid, ect.). If there is enough force - and this is VERY dangerous - sometimes a person might throw up blood.

What does the phrase stomach wrenching mean?

It means its bad enough to make you want to throw up or barf

Will spoiled food always make you sick?

Yes. You will get a stomach virus that will make you diharea all day or you just throw up the virus. Its kinda like the stomach flu.

Why stomach acid doesn't come up with throw up?

It does....

Can not eating cause you to throw up?

Actually yes, you can I have the same problem. Especially if I hadn't had breakfast and have to rush to school on an empty stomach. The motion of my car and the fact that I hadn't eaten makes me VERY nauseous and make me throw up. Even if I'm not in a car and stay stationary and i haven't eaten in a long time I'll throw up. It sucks I know :(

Will you throw up if you eat half cooked fishsticks?

you will not throw your stomach will just hurt

Why should you not swim with a full stomach?

It causes the food to move around a lot which can make you feel nauseous and even make you throw up.