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They can, but this is illegal, you can take it to court if they say this, you could take blood tests, (this is only if you haven't taken any illegal drugs), you can take prescribed drugs.

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Q: Can an employer lie and say and say an employee was using and taking drugs?
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Who is responsible if someone gets hurt on something an employee built the employer or employee?

If the employee built the item under the direction of the employer, using the employer's plans or specifications, the employer will be responsible. If the employee did not follow the directions of the employer, particularly if it strayed from the standards of a normal build, then the employee could be held responsible.

Can an employer terminate an at will employee for exercising medical leave?

Yes an employer can terminate an employee if the employee is abusing medical leave. However, if the employee is using FMLA, then they are likely protected.

Can an employer fire an employee for using vicodin?

It depends on the situation whether he is using vicodin for a medical treatment or he is addict of it. Actually, it is the human psychology that the patient can move to any drug which can reduce the pain when all the other drugs fail to reduce it. Moreover,using the same drugs or medicine for a long time it reduces its effects. In my point of view employer can fire an employee only when he is addict to vicodin or consuming it without any purposes but if it is a part of his medical treatment whether priscribed by any doctor or not he/her should not be fired but should be given a leave with medical benefits.

What is employee exploitation?

Employee exploitation refers to a employer or superior taking advantage of their employees in a way that goes beyond acceptable work related requests. Employee exploitation often refers to underpaying workers and providing them with an unsafe work environment, but can also refer to making employees do non-work related things using their power as their boss.

What does it mean to stop consuming drugs?

It means to stop taking, or using the drug.

Is a company liable for an employee using company email to conduct personal business that goes bad?

A company is not liable for employees doing stuff outside the scope of their assigned duties that does not further the employer's interests. An employer has no duty to prevent an employee from being a fool at work.

How do you prevent taking drugs?

You can try to involve yourself in sports or exercise more to keep your mind distracted from using drugs.

Explain the difference between the misuse of drugs and the abuse of drugs?

The misuse is using certain drugs for something they are not needed for. Like taking an antibiotic for a headache. The abuse of drugs is just taking any or every type of drug just to get a high.

Filing Lawsuits Dealing with At Will Employment Laws?

Unfortunately, many employees can be wronged by employers due to at will employment laws. Just because an employee was an at will employee does not mean that an employer has free reign to do whatever he or she wants. The truth is that an employee can truly get into legal trouble for taking advantage of employees using at will employment laws. This article will explain how employees can make arguments against employers, even when a case deals specifically with at will employment laws. First off, if there is a contract between an employee and an employer, there must be a form of consideration outlined within the contract. An employee must tender some sort of promise in exchange for a promise from the employer. Basically, there needs to be a benefit to one party and a detriment to another party. If a contract between these two parties does not have consideration, then there is no recourse for an employer to sue an employee. In addition, a contract between an at will employee and an employer must never be illusory. An employer can not lead an employee on into thinking that he or she will forever get to work at a place of employment. Often, employers will make grandiose promises to employees in an effort to get those employees to stay at a place of employment. Maybe the employer promises that the employee will someday become a manager of a store or receive a better compensation. If an employer leads an employee on into believing this, then the employer must truly abide by its promise. If an employer does not abide by its promise, then the employee will have a legal right to sue the employer to get compensation he or she was promised. At will employment laws have begun to favor employees more in recent years. At will employment laws have been interpreted more broadly by judges, so that employees have a better course of action against employers who may manipulate them or take advantage of them. Overall, it is a good idea for any employee to research at will employment laws and file cases against their employers if they feel they have been wronged.

What is the meaning of spend all money in using drugs?

People get addicted to it and don't feel good when they aren't taking drugs, so they would do anything for it.

If employers do not want to pay overtime pay what other options do they have?

If an employee has worked overtime, the employer has NO other option but to pay it unless the employee is exempt under FLSA. If the employer is seeking to plan strategically to avoid overtime from occurring, using additional staff or creating an exempt position under FLSA are two viable options.