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Yes, they can. But there is a wide variety of effectiveness. The first thing to consider is what type of air purifier you are using. If the air purifier is using a HEPA filter, then it will clean the air. How much air is cleaned depends on a couple of things. The purifier can only clean the air that actually passes through it. In order to do this it has to have a powerful fan. The fan should be able to circulate all the air in the room at least 6 times. If it can do this then it will clean the air.

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Q: Can an air purifier really purify the air?
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It's the Air Purifier can remove lice too?

An air purifier is not designed to remove lice. It is only designed to purify the air. There are special products that can be used to remove lice.

Can Reverse Osmosis water purifier purify soft drink?

no it cannot purify

What is the purpose of a breeze purifier?

The purpose of a breeze purifier is to ensure clean, odorless air inside an environment. Breeze purifiers essentially purify or clean the air inside rooms and leaving a fresh scent behind as well.

How do you purify air?

There are many ways to clean air purifiers. Typically, air purifiers can be cleaned by taking a soft and damp cloth and rubbing the whole air purifier with the cloth.

How do you work Antiscalant Balls in water purifier?

Get a girlfriend and she will purify them for you :)

Does the Living Air purifier work?

Yes, I have one myself and I love it! I have a dog that sheds often and it really can get my allergies out of whack. With the air purifier, it is not a problem!

Do rocks purify water?

Limestone is a good natural water purifier

Is purify a noun or verb?

The word 'purify' is a verb: purify, purifies, purifying, purified.We drink the water from the creek but we purify it first by boiling.Noun forms for the verb to purify are purifier, purification, and the gerund, purifying.

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Why does your new air purifier make your nose stuffy at night?

If your room is severely polluted it will take a couple of days for the new unit to completely purify the air. During that time you will usually experience congestion because the purifier's ionizer is moving all the pollutants around as it tries to cleanse all the air.

How does water naturally purify itself?

It does not. People have to use a purifier to make it purified.

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