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Should be able to! I am an LPN and have inserted many!

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Q: Can an LPN in Kansas insert an NG tube?
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Who can insert NG tube LPN or RN or both?

Check with your state's nursing board. In most states, an LPN/LVN with appropriate training can insert an NG tube.

Can you reinsert guide wire to blocked NG tube?

You should never reinsert the guide wire into an NG tube. If reinserted into the NG tube, it can puncture through the tube and perforate the esophagus. You should follow your doctor (or whoever ordered the NG tube) ordered flushing instructions only.

When should you extubate?

When the patient can breathe without assistance (I am assuming a breathing tube -- not an NG tube).

Why do they put ng tube in?

An NG tube is used for many different conditions -but in the end they're used for feeding and giving medications to people. Some of the reasons you may need an NG tube are: Gastro disorders, unable to swallow, unable to keep a healthy weight, eating disorders etc.

How do you administer liquid activated charcoal?

PO or NG tube

What is involved with a feeding tube and is it permanent?

A feeding tube is used to provide nutrition to an individual who is not able to properly feed themselves. The feeding tube involves placing a tube in the esophagus or stomach in order pass nutrients through the body.

Why flex head forward when inserting a ng tube?

this position helps place the Ng tube into the esophagus instead of the trachea by slightly blocking the airway and giving an open unresisting path into the esophagus.

How often do you irrigate a NG tube how much NS do you use?

Per Fundamentals in Nursing, 2011 (Taylor, et al) an NG tube with suction shoulld be irrigated every 4-6 hours.

When a patient is intubated do you go NG or OG?

Neither. An NG tube is a nasal gastric tube which is inserted through the nose extending into the stomach to evacuate the stomach contents. An OG tube goes down the throat into the stomach for the same reason. Now there can be a nasal intubation if there is oral surgery being done.

When a patient needs both intubated and a gastric tube can either a NG or a OG be used for the gastric tube?

NG (nasal) generally have smaller lumen. An OG (oral) has a larger lumen size. They shouldn't be interchanged. Check the lumen sizes.

What is the medical abbreivition for NG?

The abbreviation NG is for nasogastric or nanogram.

What should you always do before instilling anything down and ng tube?

Explain the procedure to the patient.