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Yes indeed so

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Q: Can alcohol abuse cause pins and needles in hands and legs and palpitations?
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Can alcohol cause Alcohol abuse and alcoholism?

Yes anxiety is very common and even inevitable in those who abuse alcohol and or drugs.

Does drug abuse cause hepatitis e?

Sharing needles can spread hepatitis and HIV; very dangerous.

What can cause hicupps in hypertensive patient?

Long term alcohol abuse is one possible cause.

How does alcohol cause anti social behaviour?

go to the docters sexual abuse

How alcohol damages the pancreas?

Alcohol can reduce the amount of digestive enzymes secreted by the pancreas, thereby causing it to inflame and leak digestive enzyme. Alcohol abuse is the leading cause of pancreatitis, it, along with gall stones, accounts for 80%-90% of all cases.

What causes palpitations?

They can be caused by caffeine intake. Also, stress and anxiety can contribute. Illicit drugs like cocaine can cause this along with alcohol and nicotine. Overexertion is also a likely cause.

If you have palpitations on your right side around your appendix's What could be causing these palpitations?

Anxiety is known to cause palpitations around your appendix region.

Does rooibos tea cause palpitations?


Why do you have palpitations?

A palpitation can be felt when the heart beats too fast, too slow or irregularly--this is called an arrhythmia. Many things can cause palpitations including: dehydration, fever, drinking too much caffeine or alcohol, stress, anxiety, certain drugs such as diet pills, over the counter decongestants and some recreational drugs. Palpitations can also be caused by heart or lung disease. Some one having palpitations should be seen by a physicain to deptermine the cause and treatment.

Do heart palpitations cause fainting?


Can epinephrine cause heart palpitations?


Can High doses of alcohol lead to blackouts involving amnesia?

Yes alcohol can cause blackouts,it is more common in heavy or binge drinkers but can even occur in moderate drinkers.