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Q: Can acetone medical grade can use for skincare product?
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What is acetone analar grade?

acetone if u are in Britain is nailpolish remover .

Is food grade acetone available?


Is analar grade acetone equal to commercial grade?

i need a analar label. please,gave me.

Could you comment please which professional grade products do use for your skincare?

I prefer Solvaderm products. The brand offers a great variety of differnt skincare treatment products which consisist of natural ingredients.They are used by dermatologists and skincare professionals worlwide.There are solutions to almost every skin problem and you can choose the one to your taste.

Where online can I buy medical grade body fat calipers?

There are many great medical supply companies that sell this product. But probably the easiest solution is They offere several different brands of calipers.

What is a medical grade monitor?

A medical grade monitor is one that reflects the level of treatment capable of being managed by a facility. Usually, medical grade devices are only sold to hospitals and clinics.

How to remove nail polish with hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is not recommended to remove Nail polish. Instead Acetone in diluted form is the one used for this purpose. Pure grade acetone is available at ibuychemikals (online chemical store)

What is grade trace In medical terms?

Grade trace means a little bit.

What substance or tools are used in body piercing?

Medical instruments, medical grade needles engineered for body piercing, medical grade surgical stainless steel, surgical grade titanium, bio-compatible materials like PTFE and Bioplast.

Examples of consumer product?

A commercial product is a product that can stand the use when used commercially. Some examples would be commercial grade garbage bags and commercial grade flooring.

What does medical grade mean?

The term "Medical Grade" means that the substance is pure, unadulterated, and of the highest possible quality. It can also refer to a medication that is of extreme potency.

Is the word 'grade' a noun?

It depends on how you use it. Grade can mean a few things such as: third grade (noun); the grade of this product, grade A eggs (adjective), or a teacher can grade a paper (verb)