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Yes, yes . yes and more yes

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Q: Can a woman be satisfied in a relationship where there is intimacy with no sex ever?
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Can a man be satisfied in a relationship where there is intimacy with no sex ever?

Yes, but try therapists until the issue is resolved. There is likely a problem that professional help can resolve. Do not give up, try as many as it takes to resolve the problem. Sex is natural and enjoyment with your partner should be natural as well.

Movie of A married woman develops intimacy with her son in law?

That's just discusting, don't you ever watch that movie again

Did Leonardo da Vinci ever have a relationship with a woman?

Neither he nor his friends have mentioned any such relationship.

How do you have intimate relationship with a woman?

Date said woman. Propose to said woman. Marry said woman. live happily ever after with said woman.

What would describe a relationship in which the partners experience coalescence while remaining identifiable individuals?

Coalescence: to come together in one mass? I like to describe a relationship as a bond based on mutuality and intimacy, in which neither partner ever loses his/her individuality. Read more about 'mutuality and intimacy' in Meyer's "Marriages, Shack-ups and Other Disasters."

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Did uesugi kenshin ever have a relationship with a woman?

Not entirely sure, he never had any sons (legitimate or otherwise). Theres also the little known theory that Kenshin was actually a woman.

Why do men dream of other woman when in a relationship?

No why would you dream about them. It's not like you don't ever see them enough.. So if you are then there is something wrong with you.

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a gentleman should never ever ever kiss another woman or cheat on you when ur in a relationship understood guys ? Gentleman can't do any work which can heart any one by him. Answer A gentleman should never raise his hand to a woman.

Did a woman ever play for the Yankees?

No woman has ever played in MLB

Was Joan of Arc ever in a relationship?

There is no evidence that she has been in a relationship.

When was Have You Ever Loved a Woman created?

Have You Ever Loved a Woman was created on 1960-08-26.