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The husband may be able to press stalking charges, if he has asked her to stay away.

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Q: Can a wife sue a mistress for continuing to contact husband when him and his wife are trying to work things out?
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Why does the husband tell the mistress bad things about the wife?

he is trying to make his self look good for cheating with mistress

If the wife of a cheating husband text his mistress and says you can have him all you want do you think she meant that or just needs time to forgive him?

she meant that it is because the wife of a cheating husband is trying to do such things that the mistress of his husband realize that what she did was wrong. ANSWER: I think the wife is telling the mistress that she can have him, so she will not have to deal with pain and bad memories. And letting him go is her way to forgive him.

How does a wife feel if her husband use some of the things he did with his mistress in bed with you?

Firstly the wife knowing very well her husband has a mistress should not be having a sexual relationship with him and knowing full well he uses the same toys on the wife as the mistress is disrespectful and disgusting. The wife needs to get a spine and stand up to her husband and tell him he gives up the mistress and goes to marriage counseling or he packs his bags; gets out and the wife files for divorce. Considering what the husband is doing he isn't worth keeping anyway.

Has anyone ever sued spouses mistress in Texas?

ANSWER:There no such things as suing another woman because your husband is having an affair with her. Your best solution is your husband, he is the one that pursue this woman. Sorry love!

Why does a husband caught cheating wait a year to move with his mistress?

The answer to that is simply that the husband is still somewhat devoted to his wife and shares a special bond with her, but is looking for something different from her or something to stimulate his life or just his sex life.He may be getting bored of the same routine and may wait a year to move in with his mistress because for as long as the husband can get away with it, he will. It wouldn't be until the wife breaks down and finally figures out that the husband is cheating or she gets suspicious and starts asking questions, accusing, or spying on the husband that he'll say "I'm done". Then that will lead to separation or divorce which gives the husband a chance to move his things in with his second supporter (the mistress).

How will you feel if you found out your husband is using your daughter's event from school to call his mistress?

very bad and upset. but it is better to talk face to face and end things happily.

Will your dead husband contact you?

if you beieve in things Ike that then yes or maybe you just miss him heaps and want to believe that he is

What if your spouses ex mistress does not want to stop the emotional affair?

When an ex mistress of the husband in question refuses to leave him alone it is one of two things: he is not making it clear to her that the affair is over and is still in touch with her or, she has an obsession with him and will not take no for an answer. The ball is in your husband's court and he should be looking after this problem. If he is serious about ending the relationship with his mistress and she stalking or constantly phone him or bothering him at work all he has to do is see a lawyer and get a restraining order put against her. If he refuses to do this then be wary that he does not want to completely end the relationship with her.

What is the difference between a wife and a mistress to a married man?

ANSWER: A wife is the women the guy is married too. A man cannot have a mistress if he does not have a wife. A mistress is basically the women the guy is having an affair with. So its the women he is cheating on his wife with. ANSWER: The difference between a wife to a mistress is such over kill and we never really know until it happens to us personally. What or WHO is a wife?.. a wife is the one that takes care of the house, including cooking, washing, cleaning, buying groceries, making things comfortable in the house while the husband is working. A wife is the one that solve simple little problem so the husband will not deal with it. A wife is the person that always make sure her husband will get some sleep or rest after working hard. A wife is the person who always make sure that the husbands needs is always meet. A wife is the person who will wait for her husband until he gets home safe. And a wife is the person that always pray so her husband will be safe from harm when his not with her. What is or who is the mistress?..A mistress is the person that will give all the time for this married man. She is the one that will do anything to make him happy because the wife is to busy to do it for the husband. A mistress is the lucky one because she is the one that finds out this married man has a lot of more to offer when it comes to intimacy. A mistress is the one that will not wash his dirty clothes, hear him snore at night, will not sweat cooking his favorite meal. A mistress is the one that will know how his day at work and how he look forward seeing her. I think this is the difference when it comes to who is a wife and who is a mistress.

When a women leaves her husband for his best friend does it ever last?

This can work out, but there are no guarantees. ANSWER: From the survey I have read, when a husband or wife had affairs and one of them leaves, married woman who left the husband to be with her lover do works, and last longer. Because married woman knows what to do in relationship so the lover will be happy and satisfy. But with a married man that leaves the wife to be with his mistress, it will work for a bit but things will change because his finding that his mistress has " pros and cons" he never knew before, even if she is a good church going person or not. And with his finding, he will realize about his wife towards him, that he ignored and taken for granted. And there are also married men that will leave their mistress because they found another new mistress that can excite them..

What if your husband said a lot of good things about his mistress to you?

Either he is in love with her or he just wants to hurt you. ANSWER: Your husband is in love with his lover, and everything she does to him is all about making him happy. His mistress has this quality that you never had. This are what will happen especially if he loves her. From my own personal experience, my husband did the same when I asked him what did his woman have that I don't have, and that's when he told me what he saw in her. The quality of this other woman was the one that the man I married didn't have no problem being open to her. But as usual the truth hurt and I'm grateful the man that I married didn't lie to me about his feelings towards his mistress. I knew for a fact that when our spouse have this feelings towards their mistress, the marriage can not be save anymore. When a spouse begun to have this kind of attraction towards his mistress, you can bet that his love is a bit more different. The man I married feelings for his mistress was spiritually, like being soulmate, so the day he told me his feelings for her, I knew that our marriage will be impossible to work on because, his love for me will never be the same anymore. Sad but God knows its true.

Husband is living with his mistress but he has not moved most of his things out what does this mean?

He's either using you in hopes that if things don't work out with his mistress he has an excuse to come back and see you or, he's simply lazy, irresponsible, tactless and doesn't respect you and feels he can come and go as he wants. If you're smart phone him and tell him to come get all his things before the end of the week or you are going to put them in storage and he can pay the bill or give them away to charity and then file for divorce!