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I guess it could possibly raise the white blood cell count a little but in general vaccines should have no effect.

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Q: Can a vaccine effect blood work results?
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Where can you find explanations of a blood work panel results?

How do you read blood work results?

im trying to figure our what the MONO% means?

How long does it take to get mono blood tests back?

I currently have Mono and my blood work results came in about a week after the testing.

Why do you need to be npo for blood work?

Certain ingested foods and medications will affect the final results of certain blood tests.

How does the DTP vaccine work?

it doesn't

Can you drink black coffee before a blood test that requires fasting but not for blood work?

It is generally recommended to only consume water before a fasting blood test, as black coffee can potentially affect the results by interfering with certain measurements. However, for regular blood work that does not require fasting, black coffee should not have an impact on the results.

When fasting for blood work can you drink milk?

No, it is generally recommended to only consume water when fasting for blood work. Milk contains calories and nutrients that can affect the results of certain blood tests. It is best to follow your healthcare provider's instructions for fasting before blood work.

Can you develop Multiple schlerosis from having the H1N1 vaccine?

the h1n1 vaccine does not work all the time

Why would a vaccine be administered into the nasal cavity to protect the reproductive tract?

It doesn't matter how we get the vaccine into your body, it works as long as it gets in there. It causes your body to create special cells in your blood that protect you if that kind of infectious agent (e.g., virus) ever gets in your body again. Since the work is done by the immune system and the blood, it doesn't matter that the place the vaccine entered your body is far away from the place of the infection.

How does the vaccine for Meningococcal Meningitis work?

because it does

Will barium effect a blood test on the following day?

Yes, barium can interfere with blood test results by binding to proteins and potentially causing inaccurate measurements. It is recommended to wait 48 hours before having blood drawn after ingestion of barium.

How does a vaccine work and what micro-organisms does it effect?

A vaccine works by exposing the immune system to a harmless version of a microorganism or a fragment of it, prompting the body to develop a protective immune response that can recognize and neutralize the actual pathogen if encountered in the future. Vaccines can target a variety of microorganisms, including viruses (e.g., flu, measles), bacteria (e.g., tetanus, whooping cough), and other pathogens.