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In Biology, some organisms such as bacteria and yeast prefer dark, warm, and moist areas. So, yeast including yeast skin infections or bacteria can grow in a person's ears. Molds and fungi might also grow in an ear, but only on the skin, not filling the canal.

However, as we all learned in science, plant biology generally requires soil/nutrients, water, and sun to make a seed crack open and begin to grow a plant. Ears produce wax, which does not contain enough fluid to grow seeds. It is dark, so sun-craving plants could not grow. And the ear produces no nutrients to sustain plant life.

So, no, a seed cannot grow in the ear, even a seed that has already begun to grow from the shell. A seed would, however, attract wax around it. That could lead to earache, discomfort, and even a temporary blockage of the ear canal. Hearing may be difficult, until the seed and wax are removed.

Many children put all kinds of small objects in ears. These can generally be removed in the doctor's office.

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There has been documented medical cases of seeds growing a sprout out of someone's nose. The moisture in the nose will keep a seed moist enough to grow.

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Q: Can a seed grow in your ears?
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