Can a rainbow kill you

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Yes. The colourful goodness will make you spontaneously combust if you look at it for too long or get too close.

Just kidding.

No, it can't.

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Q: Can a rainbow kill you
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Can a rainbow trout kill an otter?

no definitely not!

Is a bubble alive?

Yes, and with every pop you kill another rainbow filled creature.

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Can rainbow lorikeets kill other animals?

I have a male rainbow lorikeet and a male cocktail for about 2 years,sometime i put them out their cage, they do have own cage, they grooming each other feathers seem get well together, but suddenly one day morning lorikeet attack cocktail and kill him,when i find out it was too late!

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You shouldn't have killed it because there is no TM Rainbow Wing so know you have no way of getting it back unless you restart the whole game or didn't save it and can replay the battle. sorry.

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No, like all boas they are constrictors and squeeze their prey to kill them.

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