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Yes, but being aware that it is possible arms the person with a powerful tool to avoid becoming an alcoholic him- or herself.

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Q: Can a person who has an Alcoholic relative become an Alcoholic?
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How do I handle an alcoholic relative at Christmas?

It's best to not serve alcohol at holiday parties that an alcoholic relative will be attending.

How long does it take to become an alcoholic?

This is the subject of considerable debate, given the fact that there is disagreement about how to define alcoholism. AA often asserts that some people are "born" alcoholic while others contend that it takes years for a person to become alcoholic.

Why did Georgia O'Keeffe become a alcoholic?

There is no evidence that Georgia O'Keeffe was alcoholic.

What is a wet bar?

A wet bar can be considered a bar that serves alcoholic drinks as well as non-alcoholic ones.

If your father is an alcoholic will you become an alcoholic too?

No - however, it CAN be, and your chances are much higher.

How can you understand if a friend is on the verge of becoming an alcoholic or if you are just overreacting?

An alcoholic will become dependent on alcohol to get through daily life. Signs that a person is an alcoholic could be constant over drinking of alcohol, dependency to get through stress, anger problems, and decreased health and hygiene.

Can a normal person have a successful relationship with an alcoholic?

no because the alcoholic will smack you

Is true kosher wine alcoholic?

Anyone can become an alcoholic whether wine is kosher or not.

How doI become an executor of a dead relative.?

how can I become an executor of a dead relative

Can you become a bartender in the state of New Jersey at eighteen?

Yes, a person who is 18 is allowed to sell alcoholic beverages but not allowed to purchase or consume it.

How do you decide to be an alcoholic?

Anyone can become an alcoholic. Some are predisposed by genetic factors. Many of these drink in an alcoholic manner starting with their first drink. Others become alcoholics due to environmental or social conditions. Most people do not decide to be an alcoholic. These two factors or a combination of these determines this. If any person consumes enough alcohol long enough they will become dependent on alcohol. This type and the others can all recover from alcohol dependence with a medical detox. Eliminating the obsession to consume alcohol involves more time and dedication.

What are the symptoms for alcoholic person?

because the person there ayes get red.