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Q: Can a person own a podiatry clinic?
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How could you own your clinic?

how can you own your own clinic

How do I start my own podiatry practice?

You should contact your local government to find out the requirements on how to start your own podiatry business. Whether you want to do it alone or team-up with colleagues really depend on your preferences and the needs of your business.

Where can you study podiatry?

Podiatry is usually studied at University. The University of Huddersfield for example, offers a Podiatry degree course.

What does podiatry mean?

Podiatry is the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders.

What does pedometry mean?

That is not a word, but pedometer is an instrument that measures how far a person has walked, or are you thinking of podiatry?

Are Podiatry Surgeons medical doctors?

In order to be a Podiatry Surgeon, you must be a medical doctor.

How do you use podiatry in a sentence?

This profile is consistent with equivalent UK pre-registration podiatry programs.

What has the author Joseph Lelyveld written?

Joseph Lelyveld has written: 'Chiropody (podiatry)' -- subject(s): Podiatry

What is podiatry clinic?

A Podiatry Clinic would specialise in all aspects of foot problems. Podiatric medicine is the only profession that dedicates itself exclusively to foot and ankle health and wellness. Podiatrists are highly trained medical specialists concerned with the examination, diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases affecting the foot, ankle and the lower leg by medical, surgical and biomechanical methods of treatment. Podiatrists are uniquely qualified among medical and health professionals to treat the foot and ankle based on their education, training and experience.

What is the difference between an animal clinic and a veterinarian?

A vet is a person and an animal clinic is a building.

Does Medicaid cover podiatry?


Who is a podiatry?

A foot specialist