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Q: Can a person become violent because the lack of sleep?
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Is a violent physical reaction to a nightmare similar to sleep walking?

No they are not the same because when you have a violent reaction to a nightmare you would usually hit and do violent things as to sleepwalking, you would just walk around in your sleep talking and bumping into things so the answer to that question is NO

Why do violent video games cause lack of sleep?

because kids can get bad dreams u can say that

Why do dogs sleep in a closet?

Because they become sad

What is the importance of sleep deprivation and sleep hygiene to society?

When a person is deprived of sleep their biological clock can become messed up. This is the internal center regulated by the hypothalamus that tells a person when to sleep and when to be awake. Sleep deprivation can cause mental issues, not to mention confusion.

Why does a person faints?

A person faints because he or she doesn't get much sleep and food

How does sleep affect a football player's performance?

Sleep effect is very effect to become the footballs player because during the sleep man lazy

Why do I get so violent when I'm angry and why am I easily angered?

It could be because of stress, hunger, not enough sleep, and some studies show allergies.

What happens to the medulla oblongata during sleep?

During sleep, the medulla oblongata controls sleep and arousal monitoring sensors to the cortex and other parts of the body. There are cholinergic neurons in the medulla oblongata that remain active during REM sleep. When a person experiences sleep walking, these neurons become inactive which causes a person to sleep while in action.

What causes a person to sleep?

There may be several reasons why someone may sleep walk. One of them being that it could be because of extreme tiredness. But mostly it could be because of genetic traits.

Why do some people sleep heavily?

Some people sleep heavily because their body requires it. This is sometimes a genetic code found in the person's DNA.

Why do I become turned on by everything?

Its because you are hypersexual, one cause of this is too little sleep, try getting more undisturbed sleep and this problem should go away.

Why do teenagers sweat when they sleep?

Teenagers sweat more than normal, not just when they sleep. This is because about 3 million sweat glands become active during puberty.