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there is such a thing although I don't remember the correct term for it.

It is when a person only thinks about the other person and wants to be with them the whole time. Although most of the time its normal to be "addicted" to a person it might push the other person away if they think you are suffocating them.


I think "obsessed" is probably the more appropriate term. Yes, some people do become obsessed with another person. Sometimes this is simply a phase of the relationship that resolves over time; other times, the obsession is unhealthy.


Yes. Neurological responses in the brain when "falling in love" replicate those of drug use, but to a lesser degree. The brain floods with neurotransmitters that produce feelings of warmth and happiness. Who wouldn't want that?

However, feeling addicted to a person is referred to as being in a codependent relationship. There are many books and resources available to help one break free of this type of unhealthy love. Just Google "codependency".

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Usually, if you're addict to a person at the start of the relationship, you had a crush on her/him.

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Q: Can a person become addicted to another person?
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