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An older man younger women relationship DEFINITELY CAN work out!

I personally know an older man who has been married to a younger woman for 29 years! Just went to their 29th Anniversary party. There's 21 years age difference between them.

Just because someone has been on this earth for a few years longer than someone else, doesn't mean they can't love each other!

But that's the secret- they really truly, deep down inside love each other with their whole hearts and souls. You can just feel it and see the love when you're with them!

I don't know if this is an exception to the rule, but yes, I know for a fact that an older man younger women relationship CAN really work out!

However, it is very rare. Most relationships with a significant age difference, particularly when the couple is on the younger side, do not work.

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Q: Can a older man younger women relationship really work out?
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The cons of an older woman younger man relationship are very much subjective and about the tastes of the individual. Generally she will age faster meaning they might have less in common and he will be more likely to be drawn to younger women later.

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for sex What? A jerk only thinks like that. Older women are more mature and can handle relationship well.

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Welcome to---"SeekCougar"---the world's first, largest and most effective dating site dedicated to older women and younger men, or older men and younger women who have a sincere desire to get involved in this specific type of relationship. Have a try and find your May-December romance.

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