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The only prospective I can give is long term chemical castration. my hormones are at castrate levels. I can still get an erection and ejaculate. But it's much more up to her, and being with her. There's no interest in an erection when I'm alone. I can only have 'normal sex' once or twice a week. This all varies from male to male. In a large percentage of men the ability to have an erection is gone after 1 to 5 years; in some its matter of days. The younger you are when your castrated the more likely you are to be able to perform the following years unless you were castrated before puberty.

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Yes, it is possible, depending on what kind of castration. However, it would be harder to achieve, as they lack in production of male hormones, and it would not at all be as pleasurable as for others.

But there are differences: Some men are chemically castrated, i.e. as punishment for sexual offences, and those castrations do not involve removal of the testicles. These castrations are also done in a way do avoid the men being able to achieve erections, as the whole procedure would be worthless and pointless if they could achieve erections and commit new sexual offences.

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If the man was treated with radiation therapy, then the sex drive will likely not be affected. However, if the man had surgery then there may be a loss of sexual function.

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Q: Can a man get a hard on after castration?
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