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Of course! There's no laws against it.

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Q: Can a kannada girl marry a Tamil guy?
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Can a Tamil girl marry a kannada guy?

There are some communities where to marry, your religion matters. For example if a Muslim guy although can not marry to a Christian girl according to their religion, but he marries over-crossing his religion, its his own problem. Now here is question of Tamil girl to marry a Kannada guy.............. if their religion don't allow then even she can marry to a Kannada guy over crossing her religion. Which if it is done after love ,wont be a wrong decision. for details visit at

Who would zayn marry if he was a girl?

Zayn would marry a great guy if he were a girl no name is need if he would marry a guy if he were a girl.

Can Tamil girl marry brahmin guy?

First of all, inter caste marriages are not that encouraged in Hindu society. Secondly, people with same gotra are believed to be brothers.

Could a guy marry a girl if she was married to another girl in Germany?

It depends on the guy's nationality.

What Islam says about having nonmuslim wife?

it is allowed for a Muslim guy yo marry nonmuslim girl..but it is forbidden for a Muslim girl to marry nonmuslim guy

Would a Jewish guy marry a non-Jewish girl?


Can a 11 year old girl marry 16 year old guy?

No, 11yo are not allowed to marry.

What should a Christian guy do when she marry a Muslim girl?

A nonmuslim man cannot marry a muslim woman

Whether a padmashali caste girl marry a kamma boy?

No, but a Kamma gitl can marry a Padmashali guy.

Should it matter if you marry a white guy if you are a black girl?

not at all

Can a Punjabi guy marry a Muslim girl?

If he is Muslim, then yes he can marry a Muslim girl. Refer to the related question below for more information.

It is all right for the girl to ask the guy to become engaged?

You can discuss with the one you love about getting engaged, but no, the guy generally asks the girl to marry him.