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Yes. Just provide your half of a degree and half of a letter of recommendation. You'll get half of a job with half the salary and half a uniform. Cross your fingers that you get the bottom half.

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Q: Can a half a degree at a university be enough to become a orderly?
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This question is not specific enough. It depends on what type of degree you would like to graduate with. On the average, a bachelor's degree would take about four years.

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High school qualifications are not enough to teach maths, you need a university degree.

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A degree is photo journalism will probably work better.

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Does an Ivy League education prove to open enough doors to make the 40000 tuition worth it versus good grades from a respected public university?

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Is it possible to get into Law School with a BA in Merchadise management?

Yes. Any Bachelor's Degree from a four year college or university is enough.

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Long enough to know how to spell it! *lawyer To become a lawyer you will need to take A levels at College then get a degree in Law at University. It is best to not take Law at A-Level as many Universities (such as Cambridge) prefer to teach you it from scratch.

What is superlative degree of enough?


What degree do you need to become a tutor?

You do not need a degree to be a tutor, though some clients may feel better knowing that you do. If you have an know a subject well enough to teach it, that is all you need.

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