Can a girls saliva stink

Updated: 4/28/2022
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dude anyones saliva can smell bad...

its actually plaque and Anaerobic bacteria that cause the terrible stench

and they live on the tongue and below the gum line

What is Anaerobic bacteria ?

Anaerobic bacteria is a parasitic bacteria that does not need oxygen to survive, the human body takes this bacteria as a threat once it gets under your gum line

the battle between good bacteria produced by your body VS. Anaerobic bacteria causes a destructive session that causes your gums to recede and the bone level in your teeth to be reduced

and eventually you will lose teeth if it is not treated at the dentists office, these bacteria live in plaque biofilm and in tartar

your immune system over reacts to these bacteria and begins destroying cells in your body

this bacteria is mostly life threatening and can shorten your life

that's why Periodontal disease is so serious (Advanced gum disease)

If you have teeth that are loose or if you notice that your gums are receding?



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Q: Can a girls saliva stink
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