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I don't noe but my doctor said "You might eat too much chocolate or sugar. Or you are too hot, so it makes it bleed. Maybe you have a very dry nose."

This is funny but its true. You can have nose bleeds because you constantly turned on by something, making you feel good, making you have a nose bleed. Im not joking its actually true. I noe its rather strangle, wierd and rather funny :)

I have alot as well...constantly...

mainly at night..sleeping and in the morning basically all the time! 24/7

Its rather annoying me now!

Nose bleed symptons are also picking your nose :\

But, some people like me don't do that and nose bleeds still occur

Many people think that the only way to get nose bleeds are by picking your nose but that's wrong. Because ii never pick my nose cos its discusting but ii still get them. Mainly because most of the time ii get really hot really easily, so readiators cant be too hot otherwise my nose would constantly run nose bleeds. Its like having a constant fever for me feeling too hot and too cold all the time.

There are many symptoms ii suggest you go to a doctor to see why its happening to you.

I have found out mine (because of heat) but yours could be diffrent

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Q: Can a constant running nose be a symptom of something more serious?
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