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Yes it can be wrinkled and not break. But if a condom is applied to a penis that is fully erect then it should fit tightly and not move or wrinkle very much. If you are noticing that the condom is very wrinkled then there may be one of three issues: 1. You are not applying the condom correctly, never unroll a condom before putting it onto your penis. 2. You are not fully erect while wearing the condom. 3. The condom you are using is too big for you, resulting in movement and wrinkles. The main risk with the three issues above is that the condom can slip off the penis during sex.

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Q: Can a condom be wrinkled after sex but still not break?
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Can you get pregenant if semen spills out of the condom after sex and you are rolling the condom off the penis but the condom didn't break?


Can you still get pregent if we had unprotect sex and then after 5 min later wear a condom?

It is a little too late to put the condom on afterwards. Yes you can get pregnant with unprotected sex.

What does it mean when you dont get your period but you are having safe sex?

Did the condom break or leak? If so, you could be pregnant!

Is olive oil good to facilitate sex?

I think that since it is oil based it could cause a condom to break down, right?

If i has sex without a condom for the first time and he only went into me twice for 2 seconds and told me he was posotive nothing came out and he made sure of it and then i had sex for the seconds Tim?

cont. second time and we did use a condom and it didnt break what are my chances are being pregnant

Can you be pregnant if you only had protected sex 3-4 days before a full 5 day period and no sex after but the next period displays brown blood spots similar to implantation bleeding?

If by protected sex you mean a condom, then yes. The condom could break :( If by pill, also yes. They do not always work.

You gave head to your boyfriend with the condom on you felt his sperm and tasted it then you had sex did it break or?

If he precame, it probably broke. If you're tasting it I'm assuming there is a hole.

Can you get aids when your condom did not break?

The only absolute guaranteed way to never get AIDS is either abstinence or to have sex only with guaranteed AIDS-free partners.

How can a man get a woman pregnant?

Have sex with her without a condom.

Can you get pregnant if you just use a condom?

no, you have to have sex too.

What is 'OWO' In sexual terms?

Oral With Out (condom) - usually referes to oral sex without condom, performed by a prostitute.

What does prophylactic mean?

A form of safe sex, example-condom

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