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Well, I did. If both the boy and girl are old enough to legally marry, there is no reason why they cannot. My wife is 5 years older than I am. We think it should work out OK- we have been married for 45 years.

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In some countries marrying your first cousin is illegal. You should check your local statutes on this matter. There is also good biological evidence why this should be discouraged.

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Sure as long as both are over 18. For centuries people have married younger/older people.

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Q: Can a boy marry a girl who is older than him?
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Can a girl marry a boy who 10 years younger than her?

The boy must be at least 17 years old in order to get married, (in most places), which means the girl can be no younger than 27. If the boy is at least 17 he can marry a girl who is many years older than him. The girl can marry any boy, (provided she is at least 17, and he is at least 17 years old). As long as both meet the minimum age requirement to be married, the age difference is not important.

Which person is better to marry someone older than you or some one younger than you?

If your a girl someone older duh!! a boy, someone younger or its just really weird........ I mean realy :D

What about if the girl is 17 and the boy is 15?

17 - 15 = 2 The girl is therefore 2 years older than the boy.

Should a boy be YOUNGER than a girl for marriage?

NO, you should be of legal age to marry that is it.

How can Bella marry edward while she is older than him?

Well at least where the story takes place and in my country, I'm not sure about other countries, it is normal for a girl to marry a boy who is younger. Most of the time it is opposite but in this case it happened like this.

Is Sikh girl marry Muslim boy?

Per Islam teachings, a Muslim boy couldn't marry a Sikh girl. He can marry only a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish girl.

Can a Gujarati girl marry a boy who is younger than her or does her religion prevent her from marrying him if boy is not Gujarati nor Indian?

Generally Indian culture does not permit an Indian girl to marry a boy younger than her, nor a boy who is not of the same religion and country. But its up to the girl to decide; she can choose who she loves or she can choose to obey her family. "Gujrati" is not a religion hence the question of "gujrati religion" allowing a girl to marry a younger boy does not arise. Culturally, girls generally marry boys older than them & of same nationality by birth but there is no bar otherwise.

If Sikh girl become Muslim than its possible to marry with Muslim boy?

if he agrees to marry her and she is a proper, faithfull Muslim then yes!

Can a o- girl marry a boy?


How do you get a boy and a girl to marry?

have a wedding.

Can a boy guinea pig be older than the girl when they breed?

yes they most certainly can

Can rajaka boy marge brahmin girl?

can kashtriya girl can marry Rajakas boy