Can a baby bring couples closer or apart?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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if they wanted to have a baby they wil come closer but if the chick didnt want to get prego then they could get apart

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Q: Can a baby bring couples closer or apart?
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How does a baby effect a couples relationship Will it bring them closer or apart Will they be fighting a lot?

it depends really a baby will be stressful and will put alot of pressure on a couple however the baby is a connection between the two of you! you bought life into the world!! that's a beautiful thing which will definatly give you more resposibility and love!! there will be extreme ups and downs like arguing who's turn it is to get up at night to the baby but that's just the way it goes its the responsibility of loving a child!!!!!

What is gay sex good for?

Same as for straight people apart from making a baby. It brings the couple closer and gives pleasure.

How can you get a baby?

Most couples get a baby by becoming pregnant. Others adopt. Some do both.

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Can couples break up even if they just had a baby?

Most of the time they break up because of a baby. I know this for a fact. My husband and i almost did because of my daughter Salena. Yes ccuples can break it off but when a child is involed and know its mother/father you will never be truly apart.

Can o positive couples conceive healthy baby?

A baby's health does not depend on the blood group of parents.

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Bring the baby out with you :D

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You can a bring a gift that is not gender specific. So baby items in neutral colors is an option or you could bring a gift card that the parents can use to buy what they need for their baby.

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