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No. A LPN is a licensed practical nurse. To work as a surgical tech, you must complete a specific training program for that job. It is usually a 15-18 month course.

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Q: Can a LPN work as a surgical tech?
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Who makes more surgical tech or LPN?


Can a surgical tech work as an LPN?

A surgeon is a medical doctor who specializes in surgical procedures. A surgical technician is one who assists the surgeon, preparing and laying out the surgical instruments needed for the surgery.

What are the best surgical tech schools?

When you are looking for the best surgical tech schools you cannot go wrong by checking out the education forums. Everyone has an opinion, but surgical tech schools which are recommended by past students will give you a base to work from.

Can you become a surgical tech with a felony?

can a convicted felon get a job as a surgical tech can a convicted felon get a job as a surgical tech

What is surgical tech certification?

A surgical tech certification is what is need by a surgeon's assistant to be able to work with them in the operating room. Without it, you cannot find as many jobs.

Where can you go to get a LPN degree?


What is average surgical tech salary?

It all depends on where you live, average surgical tech salary vary greatly depends on what company you work for, experience as well. This site will give you more information,,+oh

What are the names of surgical tech schools in NYC?

Surgical Tech College, Surgical Tech Tech, Surgical Tech Wee, there are so many schools in NYC for you to choose from. I sugust taht you lay out all the papers before you, and close your eyes and pick one that way. Consider it fate!

Does a radiologic tech make more than a surgical tech?

A radiology technician normally makes more than a surgical tech. The average yearly earnings of a radiologic tech is around $56,000 while a surgical tech averages $41,000 a year.

How much do surgical tech's make in Tennessee?

A surgical tech makes around 51,000 dollars in Tennessee. This is a good profession for those who would like to work in the medical field without being a doctor or nurse.

Does a surgical tech or nurse make more money?

A nurse makes more than a surgical tech.

Is there any surgical tech courses here?

surgical tech courses Topic: Education Question Summary: Is there any surgical tech courses here? Question Long-Form: Surgeon is a hard thing to do so we must study. Is there any surgical tech courses here?