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Is this an American Red Indian, or a native of the Indian subcontinent? In either case the answer is the same. Yes, she can agree, if she wants to. There is nothing wrong with swapping among consenting adults. It happens all over the world. It does not matter what nationality you are. In some societies there is no sense of ownership. So if you borrow your neighbour's boat he will borrow your wife. In our society that is not so common. But I have one neighbour who could borrow my lawn mower. I would be happy to lend it to him. Then I could borrow his wife. In some communities swapping your wife with another man's is a simple, pleasurable way to increase your number of partners. This might happen on a Friday evening when you are all being sociable, and you decide among you that you would like to swap. Then you can take your clothes off and enjoyed each other's wives until it is time to go home. Or you can take your friend's wife to a private room so that you can enjoy her by herself. A different way to increase you enjoyment is for both you and your friend to enjoy his wife or your wife at the same time, and then turn your attention to the other wife in the room. You might not like swapping your wife with just anyone. I have one or two friends who if they asked my properly if they could borrow my wife, I would say yes. Then they could go off privately, or I could watch. It does not matter. I have other friends who if they wanted to borrow my wife, I would say yes, but I would have to jion in. It would not be fun otherwise. I have some people I know that would not swap my wife, but I might borrow theirs. But in any circumstances, and Indian wife certainly can agree to swap. I would be delighted to borrow her, is she wanted, whether my wife was there or not. Because I love all that dark hair. yes Robin is right...however Robin would also like to come to Asia to have a good time swapping without his wife for Asian women according to him are easier to lure for he is a Caucasian...oh boy Robin...stick with your mrs....

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Q: Can a Indian wife will be agree for wife swapping?
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