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Q: Can a 2 year overdose on fever reducer?
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What is the best fever reducer?

Paracetamol is pretty good a reducing a fever.

What to do when your 2 year old fever is 101.8?

If a 10 month old has a fever of 105 call your pediatrician and ask what to do. If you absolutely can not get any help, take a washcloth and rubbing alcohol and wipe that on the baby. It might bring down its temperature. Still, it is better to get medical help than someone using an ancient technique.

Is a fever of 95.0 in a 44 year old ok?

that ain't a fever ur temp is 2 low

How much does acetaminophen reduce a fever?

Acetaminophen is a fever and pain reducer. Please use the amount listed on package. Do not take more or more often than the recommended dosage. Your temperature should be reduced by 1-2 degrees in a short time. Ask your doctor if you have more questions.

How many cases of Q fever are there per year?


How many victims has scarlet fever killed?

2 out of every 78% of victims who were diagnosed with scarlet fever last year died.

Where can I download Total Overdose 2?

type in "download Total Overdose 2" on google and click on one of the sites

How do you calculate the area of duct reducer?

To calculate the area of an HVAC duct reducer, you measure using a trapezoid area formula, which would be 1/2 times the base plus the top, times the height.

How do you find surface area of a duct reducer?

(Width 1 + Height 1 + Width 2 + Height 2)* Length

What is the Problems of Familial Mediterranean Fever?

We couldn't find "My kid 3 year old she is having a fever and stomach ache every 10-12 day past 2 month.What can be that ?"!

Does Life insurance pay for accidental overdose?

In many cases yes. It would depend if it were past the 2 year contestibility period and suicide clause and whether or not the overdose (doing drugs) were a felony. I would suggest you call and ask the claims department.

Where to download total overdose 2 for PC?